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Sources and Acknowledgements

This grammar is based on my own interpretation of English grammar but this has of course been informed by a wide reading on the topic.

I found that as I began to formulate my ideas on grammar in the late 1990's that other writers began to develop similar ideas and publish them. Amongst the most useful books on grammar for teachers are these:

David Brazil (1995) A grammar of speech Oxford University Press

Michael Hoey (2005) Lexical priming Routledge

David Maule (1991) The naked verb Macmillan

Scott Thornbury (2001) Uncovering grammar Macmillan Heinemann

Dave Willis (2003) Rules, patterns and words Cambridge University Press

and my own The ELT verb.

I would like to thank Scott Thornbury for his encouragement and positive response to my ideas and to Dave Willis for similar encouragement and advice to read Brazil (1995) again.

Most thanks must go to my family as they had to sacrifice a lot of time with me so that I could get this project done.



copyright Robert A. Buckmaster 2008