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Teaching Uniformed Personnel Magazine

A Free Quarterly Magazine for Military, Police and Border Guard Teachers

Teaching Uniformed Personnel is a new free quarterly magazine written especially for teachers of army, navy and air force personnel, police officers and border guards.

Issue 2 (May 2020) is now out and you can download the .pdf of the magazine here. This special issue is all about using maps and plans. The Main Article is about using maps for general English purposes. This is followed by articles with ideas for using maps and plans with Military, Police and Border Guard students.

The Magazine is a free electronic magazine delivered to your inbox by email in .pdf format.

If you would like to receive further issues of the magazine, please sign up here.

For more information about the Teaching Uniformed Personnel Magazine and to suggest ideas for articles etc., please contact theeditorTUP at englishideas.org.

Issue One

In the first issue (January 2020) the Main Article was about 'Teaching Uniformed Personnel' in general. This was followed by articles for Military, Police and Border Guard Teachers on creating syllabi and courses.

You can download the first issue by clicking here.