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The Rough and Ready Guide to Teaching English Online in a Time of Coronavirus

This is a short introduction to teaching online for teachers of English.

There are four parts:

1. Key Terms And Concepts

[1. VLE 2. LMS 3. Synchronous Learning 4. Asynchronous Learning 5. The Learning-enabling Ecosystem 6. Replacement or augmentation? 7. The platform solution or a collection of tools? 8. The full environment: don’t forget the humble pencil 9. Learning happens in the mind 10. Being there is not really being there 11. Interaction and engagement 12. Time considerations and costs and benefits 13. Learning how to learn 14. Learning the group 15. Teaching-learning not testing-learning 16. What is (are) our goal(s)? 17. Demonstrations, Performance and Competencies 18. Differentiated learning]

2. Learning Tasks: What Can We Do Online?

3. Pulling It All Together

4. Conclusions And Moving Forward

Rough and Ready Guide