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English and Teaching
an on-line course in language awareness and methodology for teachers

This is a 9 week on-line course for teachers of English who wish to improve their understanding of English as well as get some new ideas of how to teach.

Unit 1 (Week 1): Introductions; English language analysis and tools; setting course assignments (for weeks 8 and 9).

Unit 2 (Week 2): Teaching English grammar and vocabulary.

Unit 3 (Week 3): Literature: short stories and poems: features; analysis; teaching.

Unit 4 (Week 4): Articles: features; analysis; teaching.

Unit 5 (Week 5): Conversations: features; analysis; teaching.

Unit 6 (Week 6): Presentations and speeches: features; analysis; teaching.

Unit 7 (Week 7): Testing Language.

Unit 8 (Weeks 8 and 9): Course Assignments: preparation of individual presentations; delivery of presentations.

The course will be a mixture of watching presentations, reading articles and engaging in moderated discussions. Teachers will be able to use the course materials in their teaching. The main focus is on teaching teens and adults.

There are 20 places on each course. Normal price is 80 Euros.

For more information, please contact 'courses' at englishideas.org.