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Certificate for Teachers of Uniformed Personnel
Military, Police and Border Guards

The new Certificate for Teachers of Uniformed Personnel (CTUP) is a professional in-service qualification for English language teachers working with the military, police and border guards designed by the team at McIlwraith Education and English Ideas.

The CTUP has two parts.

Module 1: The Principles of Teaching Uniformed Personnel

A five-day face-to-face seminar on the Principles of Teaching Uniformed Personnel. This includes Micro-teaching Practice, which helps teachers prepare for real classroom settings, and Lesson Material Development. This is followed up by Action Planning in preparation for Part 2, if required. Each participant should complete a marked Written Assignment.

This Module can also be done on-line in two modes: as a moderated course and as a self-study course. The Moderated Course is an 8-week online Moodle course where the teachers watch videos, presentations and access other resources, and engage in moderated asynchronous discussions on the course topics. They also have to complete the same Written Assignment as the face-to-face seminar.

The self-study on-line course contains the same materials as the moderated course but there are no moderated discussions. Tutor support is limited to technical support and an initial consultation and a pre-Assignment consultation.

On successful completion of the Written Assignment, the teacher receives a CTUP Module 1 Certificate.

Module 2: Teaching Practice: Individual Portfolio Assignments

In Module 2, participants complete individual portfolio assignments supported at a distance by a tutor. The on-line support is through Moodle. Module 2 extends over the academic year and participants complete 7 portfolio assignments. These assignments are lessons that the teachers have to prepare (with tutor support), teach, discuss with their tutor, and then report on in a reflective evaluation. Each lesson should be observed by a colleague or a manager or videoed by the teacher. The portfolio report (comprising lesson plan, lesson materials, observation notes/video, and reflective evaluation) is assessed by the tutor and a moderator.

On successful completion of all of the assignments, the teacher receives a CTUP Module 2 Certificate.

The Certificate for Teachers of Uniformed Personnel provides a tailored and specific solution to the problem of teacher development for teachers of police, border guards and the military.

For more information about the CTUP please contact 'courses' at englishideas.org.